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Paid Child Care for Working Mothers? All It Took Was a World War

By: Lydia Kiesling

The New York Times

I am typing this from inside an indoor playground in Portland. We are new to town, it’s the tail end of summer and my 4-year-old daughter can’t start her new preschool until next week. It’s also raining, and our house is full of boxes. We took a bus here and paid $11 to enter, and I am now in the awkward semiconscious state of the working parent without child care: looking down to try and remember what I wanted to write; looking up to determine whether the piercing scream is my child, or just my child’s fault. I will not make my deadline, but my daughter will be spared a gloomy afternoon inside the house, and I will be spared the guilt of letting her watch TV all day while I try to earn money.

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NewsLissa Geiger Shulman
Early Education Is a Game Changer: New Report Shows That Reaching Infants and Toddlers Reduces Special Education Placement, Leads to Soaring Graduation Rates


Access to early-childhood education significantly reduces students’ chances of being placed in special education or held back in school and increases their prospects of graduating high school, according to new research published by the American Educational Research Association. The report synthesizes evidence of the lasting, long-term benefits of high-quality preschool programs, which have often been dismissed as transient.

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NewsLissa Geiger Shulman
Activists Rally for More Funding for Early Childhood Learning Programs

By WCED News

Senator Jay Costa and other speakers at the kick-off rally spoke about the importance of putting adequate funding behind early childhood education.

According to the speakers, prioritizing spending on early-learning programs will save the commonwealth long-term costs because children are better prepared to graduate school on time and are well positioned to enter the workforce with good paying jobs.

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Child Care Advocates Ask for Bigger Cut of State Budget

It is budget season in Harrisburg and while lawmakers set spending priorities, advocates for many causes are squeaking for more money.

Start Strong PA, as a coalition of early childhood advocacy groups is known, was one among them last week. The nonprofit group led a press conference Tuesday seeking additional money to expand Child Care Works, the state's subsidized child care program that offers subsidies toward free and low-cost child care for low income workers.

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NewsJosh Cartwright
Child care costs a lot, pays little, is hard to find

By Eric Scicchitano
The Daily Item

It's more expensive to send a child to day care than it is to pay the cost of tuition at a state system university.

Pennsylvanians pay on average $10,681 annually for full-time care at child care centers and $8,161 at in-home settings for children from newborns through preschool, according to data collected in 2017 by Child Care Aware of America, the latest available from the nonprofit advocacy group.

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