Because every child deserves an equal opportunity to a quality educational foundation that will prepare them to grow, learn, and succeed, Start Strong PA is calling on Pennsylvanians to focus on the most important years of a child’s development; the first three years of life.


We must do all we can to give our youngest children access to
high-quality child care that their families can afford.


Here’s how we believe this can happen:


1. Access and affordability for families

We help every Pennsylvania family with young children by increasing state funds spent to make high-quality child care for children under three years-old affordable.


2. Sufficient payments for high-quality child care programs

We make sure that infants and toddlers get the consistency in routines and relationships they need for healthy development, by paying providers in ways that reinforce stability.


3. Adequate compensation for early learning professionals

Because every child deserves to grow, learn, and succeed, we must attract, compensate, and retain additional talented adults to become early childhood educators.


4. oversight, Accountability, and evaluation of the system

Like everything in life, we need the child care system and programs to be efficient
and effective.