Case Studies


Ever wonder what really happens in high-quality infant-toddler classrooms? The research is in and it proves that the best early childhood programs provide safe and nurturing environments while ensuring babies’ physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development occurs.

View case studies below to share a “day in the life” of a Pennsylvania infant and toddler in high-quality child care. The interactions captured on these pages—grounded in real life experiences—provide you with a better understanding of why investing in high-quality child care matters.


New Faces

A teacher is absent on this day. Two full-time teachers and a substitute “floater” are managing morning drop off. Child care centers are required to maintain a strict balance of teachers to children, so on this day children will be meeting a new face. The center is meticulously kept and sectioned off into separate areas for eating, changing, playing and sleeping. Everything is perfectly placed and carefully checked to ensure safety and sanitation…

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Love of a Baby, Life of a Teacher

Behind the doors of this quiet stand-alone building are 11 babies. You’re welcomed by clean white walls adorned with pictures and a large block formation with playful messages to parents and children as they arrive each day. The classroom sits behind a glass wall; rocking chairs are near cribs lined neatly in a row across from an eating area with low to the ground booster chairs. You might mistake it for an over-furnished living space, except for the fact that each Item is labeled in English and Spanish, photos of each child are placed strategically around the room, along with certifications, licenses, and safety information…

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Country Classrooms

Tucked back on a long, winding country road in rural Pennsylvania, this child care center is the central focus of a 100-acre farm. Driving up to the pebbled parking lot and greeted by the horses in their corral, while kids are playing outside, it is abundantly evident that this is a special place. The center’s owner, Laura, who has an Associate Degree, a BA in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood, as well as her director’s credential sits in a roomy vestibule greeting toddlers, just a stairway below the first-floor entrance, which is mainly devoted to pre-k students…

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A Home Away from Home

Greeted through the doors of this row house by neatly aligned cubbies and a large fish tank, you know when you arrive at this urban care center that you are welcome, and that this space is carefully arranged for the four small children who call it home during their time away from their parents. You also understand that this is a professional environment, as the front hallways are adorned with certifications, safety information and announcements. Bright labels and a neat floor space with age-appropriate toys accessible to the little ones make evident to the intentionally designed environment for infant/toddler care.

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A Good Morning, Growing & Guiding

As children arrive on this morning, year-old Gabriella is carried into the classroom clinging tightly to her mom. You can almost feel the trepidation as the anticipation of separation sets in. Teachers in this center are always prepared for any morning; excitement, anxiety, sleepiness or just a little under the weather. Appropriately trained to sense that feeling and ensure a secure hand-off, teacher Cameron quickly stands and offers a warm embrace of comfort and welcome. As she rubs Gabriella’s back and talks to her quietly about all the fun things they will do that day, a colleague talks with the mother about Gabriella’s night and records any important information…

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